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Grill & BBQ Pit


Sandwiches & Burgers
Starters ("Small Chops")
Cold Treats
Juices, Smoothies and Mocktails

Food and Menu Design

At FestiveGrills, we're always been hard at work creating a range of different taste selections for you to choose from. Whether you want a tried and true favourite or something a bit unusual - we’re sure to have a menu you’ll love. We create our dishes using only fresh and high quality ingredients supplied by only the finest of vendors

For clients and guests with special needs, we also offer vegetarian, low salt and low (or no) sugar menus.


No two catered events are ever the same (time, location, number of guests, etc.). As such we do not offer hard and fast "template" menu packages. After a short conversation to determine your specific needs, our -written proposal will give you a complete, itemized cost for your event, including menu, staff fees and applicable charges. There are no hidden fees or secretive service charges!. This ensures you you will only pay for services or facilities you use.

We customize menus to fit your tastes, so do not just browse our menu, send us your ideas for your perfect menu. Since our prices can vary greatly depending on your specific needs, give us a call and we will get working on your customized proposal and event menu!

Everyone eats with their eyes first...Giada De Laurentiis