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About Us

When it comes to your guests, employees, clients, partners and friends, we know you cannot serve them just anything, ...neither can you put a price on satisfaction.

Whether you are looking at a garden party, company picnic, breakfast or lunch catering, boxed lunches, holiday parties, tea parties, kid's parties, or elegant special events, or just a simple office lunch. Festive Grills is your partner for top-quality, healthy, fun-food catering. 

At FestiveGrills our mission - in formal English - is to providing a pleasantly memorable culinary experience. We like to see it this way, to make food fun.

All our menus are custom designed for your event, even our pre-existing menus. We go beyond just having you pick from a list of “packages.” This not only assures fantastic food. And should you have any special dietary requirements, we have them all well and catered for.

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We are special, here's why

At FestiveGrills we consistently strives to offer impeccable service and delicious food. We are also nuts about your health. From local preservative-free organic chicken, beef and mutton to fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables health nuts.

You know you're getting the best from the best.

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Bear in mind that you should conduct yourself in life as at a feast. ...Epictetus .